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One of the more important, and still unsolved challenges of modern healthcare is providing better patient outcomes whilst lowering healthcare costs. Billions of dollars have been spent implementing new technologies, improving processes and developing quality metrics, but healthcare inflation has not been reigned in.

Imagine clinical-grade wearable devices being connected to an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, and providing personalized patient data to alert their provider if an intervention is necessary – even well in advance of a medical event occurring?

This is the future of disease management for complex chronic conditions. This is the Biovitals™ digital therapeutics platform, augmenting personalized care.
Biovitals™ can be deployed to monitor patients at home, to reduce hospital readmissions, and to limit ER visits.
Secure messaging and EHR integration ensure physicians remain at the center of care.

Leveraging our Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, Biovitals™ is also being implemented to provide (near) hospital-level care in the comfort of a patient’s home with our Acute Care Home Hospital Programs, an alternative to traditional hospitalization.

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Your new drug has been approved. Great. Now who is going to pay for it? How much?

As long and painstaking as the journey may be to get your drug to market, proving value is the new paradigm. The Biovitals™ digital therapeutics platform utilizes software (along with wearable biosensor(s), adjunctive pharmacotherapy and live clinical support) to enable constant monitoring and management of patients to measure effectiveness, dosage variances, adverse reactions and more at the individual level thereby driving better outcomes. All the data you need to show patient benefits and risks, as well as demonstrating the value of your treatment versus current care options.

Our technology will help you provide the right drug to the right patient at the right time. This is truly personalized medicine.

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Traditional approaches to clinical trials have become inefficient, costly, and often burdensome for patients participating in the research. New innovative approaches are incorporating real-world evidence, big data and patient reported outcomes to jumpstart the process and generate evidence more quickly.

Introducing the Biovitals™ ecosystem into your research program provides for:
• real-time remote patient monitoring,
• improved capture of real-world contextual patient generated data through a great user experience, and
• the ability to quickly adapt to new signals.

The patient experience is improved and safety is enhanced, whilst your organization is leading the market with the latest technology.

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What works in healthcare? What is worth paying for? How can I lower costs and improve patient outcomes while comparing the effectiveness of different interventions?

Biovitals™ provides individualized patient data to show which treatments are working for which patients, enabling you to help structure a personalized approach to your reimbursement strategy. Biovitals™ can be the much sought-after clinical measure for management of alternative reimbursement models.

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Medical Device Manufacturers

We know that clinical-grade wearables, implantable devices and home-based connected sensors will be crucial to producing the real world evidence demanded by the move to personalized medicine. Biofourmis works with leading medical technology companies to embed our software and algorithms, facilitating not only constant patient monitoring but also integrating a dynamic artificial intelligence platform and secure messaging system.
Learn how you can partner with Biofourmis to augment the value of your technology for multiple therapeutics areas, by embedding our solutions in your device.

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Patient Experience

Working with healthcare providers and payers, Biofourmis strives to deliver patients with a higher level of personalized care using validated software-based therapeutics, while minimizing any inconvenience from wearable devices and monitors. Incorporating biopsychosocial analytics, each patient receives an individualized digital healthcare regimen that best matches their condition.

Patients may receive triggers and insights, secure reminders of goals, such as nutrition or movement, as well as medication reminders to ensure adherence and recovery.

Our goal is to limit the recurrence of a condition that would lead a patient to an ER or to be readmitted to a hospital. With our constant monitoring, analysis and feedback, we want to make your recovery as convenient and uneventful as possible.

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